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DuraPatcher T1 Portable Storage Trailer. Use the 1,000 gallon trailer-mounted emulsion tank to conveniently supply your DuraPatchers.

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Dura Patcher equipment. Search for used durapatcher. Find Dura Patcher for sale on Machinio. DuraPatcher DuraTank 6000 Gallon Tank #CEP-3294 Manufacturer: Dura Patcher Capacity: 6000 Gal. Get Price; DuraPatcher T1 Portable Emulsion Storage. 2018-4-19 · DuraPatcher T1 Portable Storage Trailer. Use the 1,000 gallon trailer-mounted emulsion tank to conveniently supply your DuraPatchers.

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Dura Tanks are designed for storing asphalt emulsions. 3,000- to 10,000-gallon sizes Vertical storage tanks feature timed agitator system and thermostat controlled heaters and occupy less ground area

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Durapatcher Pothole Repair Machine and Parts Dealer. Permanent Pothole Repair Service.

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DURA TANK 1000TT • Save fuel and maximize patching efficiency • 1000 Gallon Portable Storage • Electric heated thermostatic controlled • Heavy duty Honda powered pumping system “Your Pavement Maintenance Specialists” Save fuel and transport costs with less trips to the emulsion plant with our model 1000TT emulsion transport trailer.

DuraPatcher T Series Emulsion Storage Solution by CPMG ...

T Series Emulsion Storage Stationary Tanks. Become self-sufficient in your patching and chip seal programs by installing a stationary emulsion storage tank. Convenient access to properly heated emulsion is critical to streamline the short patching and chip seal season.

Durapatcher Pothole Repair Machine And Parts Dealer ...

The DuraTank from DuraPatcher utilizes 1,000 watt electric blankets for even trouble free heating. Blanket heating is superior to probe heating because it eliminates material build up issues and allows the tank to be preheated prior to filling. 240 VAC single phase power minimizes power consumption and makes for an easy hook up.


Dura Patcher The Dura Patcher is the most cost efficient method of road repair. Thousands of customers worldwide and the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) have proven our method. The Dura Patcheralses cationic and anionic emulsi- fied asphalts, such as CRS2, with aggregate to make a permanent patch with a water repellent, solid asphalt body.

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Durapatcher - For Construction Pros

DuraPatcher cleans a pothole area, applies tack coat, sprays emulsion/aggregate mix into the pothole with force to compact the material and follows with dry aggregate to prevent lifting

Durapatcher P-5 Pothole Patcher | Construction Equipment

The covered hopper carries 5 cubic yards of aggregate that is mixed with emulsion from a pressurized 300-gallon tank and injected into the pothole using compressed air. The emulsion tank has an overnight heater so patching can begin immediately in the morning, with …

Durapatcher P-5 Pothole Patcher | Construction Equipment

The unit cleans the pothole with high-pressure air, applies a tack coat, fills the patch with sufficient velocity to compact the emulsion-coated aggregate, and applies a final coat. The result is a permanently repaired pothole that can be driven over immediately.

Dura Patcher - North Ridgeville, Ohio

Dura Patcher. City Council approved a budget request of $745,000 to be appropriated in 2015 for paving and repair work. This is three times the dollar amount appropriated in previous years. As a result, the Service Department purchased a Dura Patcher. This equipment is a cost-effective method of road repair.

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Truck Mounted Pothole Patchers Truck Mounted Pothole Patcher Truck mounted pothole patcher for convenience with tight turning radius and low clearance. No stress three piece boom with 18 foot walking radius. Six yard aggregate hopper keeps operators working requiring less refills. Heated emulsion tank provides over 10 tons of patch between refills.

Total Patcher | Pothole Patcher | Pittsboro

Total Patcher Asphalt Emulsion Tanks & Spray Injection Pothole Patching Equipment Makes for an effective and efficient road repair program.

Northcoast Products Price List - Ohio

Northcoast Products Price List Effective Date September 2010 Index Number STS515 . ... NP 2500S Emulsion Tank with Striation System $ 30,600.00 NP Containment Dike Purchase Price $ 3,750.00 The following discount structure applies to the State Term Schedule: ... Dura Patcher Manual Author: Mark Leaders Created Date:

3405 Crack Filler | Dura-Fill | NAC Supply

Dura-Fill 3405 is a premium quality crack and joint sealant for portland cement and asphaltic pavements. As an economical and effective preventative maintenance treatment, Dura-Fill 3405 prolongs pavement life by sealing cracks and joints from water penetration, which cause base failure and pot holes.

Dura-Shell Water based urethane concrete coating. - Seal ...

Dura-Shell is a durable two-part water-based aliphatic urethane that provides both heat and chemical resistance and excellent protection against UV rays Dura-Shell is formulated with a high tolerance for moisture and excellent bonding strength, making it ideal for indoor / …

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Search for used dura patcher. Find Dura Patcher for sale on Machinio.

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Back to the main road, DuraPatcher and other brands of spray-patch systems allow crews to move along faster than hot- or cold-patch operations, Cacciola said.

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Find best value and selection for your Duraco Dura Patcher 81DJ operations manual search on . World's leading marketplace.

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Search for used durapatcher. Find Cimline, Dura Patcher for sale on Machinio.

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• Easy 4 step process • Venturi Feed System • Ergonomic No-stress Boom • Vent-Flo Nozzle “Your Pavement Maintenance Specialists” The Spray Patching Process- The spray patcher removes the pothole in one quick and cost effective 4 step process. 1. Clean the area with compressed air. 2. Apply an emulsion tack coat. 3.

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Wood Filler and Patch. Bona Wood Filler; Color Putty Wood Filler; Woodwise Wood Filler; Wood Floor Finish. Acid Cure Finish; Loba Natural Impact Oil Finsh; Oil Based Wood Floor Finish; Rubio Oil Finish; Water Based Wood Floor Finish; Wood Floor Maintenance. Basic Coatings Wood Floor Maintenance; Bona Wood Floor Maintenance; Dura Seal Wood Floor ...