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present when Cationic Bitumen Emulsion is used, as no heating is required for its application. • Cold application of Bitumen Emulsion ensures safety to work force, it is a user friendly product. • Being cold applied, the work progresses much faster.

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offers 85 cationic bitumen emulsion products. About 52% of these are bitumen, 14% are surfactants, and 4% are paper chemicals. A wide variety of cationic bitumen emulsion options are available to you, such as coal tar pitch, modified bitumen, and petroleum asphalt.

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Bitumen emulsion consists of three basic ingredients: bitumen, water, and an emulsifying agent. Based on specifications it may contain other additives, such as stabilizers, coating improvers, anti-strips, or break control agents.

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Bitumen Emulsion CRS-70 – IBC. Our high quality emulsion is used in bituminous road construction.They are espcially helpful for maintenance and patch repair works.

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Your quest for excellent quality Bitumen Emulsion ends at Petrochem Specialities. We offer a wide range of Cationic Bitumen Emulsion that is utilized in various road construction industries. We fabricate Liquid Bitumen Emulsion using good quality raw materials that conform to ASTM/ IS standards.

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Bitumen emulsion is a mixture of fine droplets of bitumen and water. But as the bitumen is a petroleum product it doesn’t mix with water and as it is sticky in nature, it doesn’t easily gets disintegrated into fine droplets. To overcome this problem an emulsifier is used. Emulsifier can be ...

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Variables in emulsion production include the base bitumen and the type and amount of emulsifying agent. There are two basic classifications of emulsions globally usually used, anionic bitumen emulsions and cationic bitumen emulsions. The type (chemistry) of the emulsifying agent used, determines the …

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MSDS EMULSION Rev3 Page 2 of 8 Rev Date 1/11/2013 3. Composition / Information on Ingredients. Cationic bitumen emulsions consist of specified quantities of bitumen emulsified in water. The amounts of additional ingredients, which are required to emulsify the bitumen, do not present any hazard at the concentrations used.

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Bitumen Emulsion K1-70 containing minimum 67% Bitumen, is commonly used for Tack-Coating. It is a medium viscosity emulsion used mainly for tack coating in normal overlay and patching work. Tack Coat K1- 60 bitumen emulsion can also be used in grouting.

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of bitumen emulsions bitumen emulsion water stabilize r acid emulsifier colloid mill ... For good emulsion quality the bitu- ... charge on some anionic and cationic emulsi-fiers depends on pH, this stabilisation could be lost if the pH changes. The second stabilisa-

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Automatic Asphalt Distributor Bitumen Sprayer. Shanghai Doan Machinery Technology Co. is a road repair machine manufacturing factory ,which is specialized in manufacturing Asphalt Distributor,Crack Router,Crack Sealing Machine,Chip Spreader,road roller,Asphalt Mixing Plant ,etc. we own dozens of advanced production lines and advanced production technology and high quality professional ...

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Bitumen Emulsion - Bitumen Emulsion … Asphalt Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer is utilized for uniformly applying a coat of the emulsion to roads at a constant speed and pressure. It is comprised of a tank, pump, auxillary engine, tank mounting, an air compressor, variable spray bar, and a …

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Tinna Bitumen Emulsion – A trusted Brand, Quality of our produce is endorsed and trusted by various road consultants and by our esteemed customers. The fully computerized plant capable of producing 12 TPH Bitumen Emulsion of very high quality has been imported from ENH Engineering, Denmark, world leaders in Asphalt modification machinery manufacturing.

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CATIONIC BITUMEN EMULSION: As per IS : 8887/1980 Manufactured out of Bitumen, water and emulsifier in a colliodal mill is a cold applied emulsion recommended by Indian Roads Congress and approved by Ministry of Surface Transport for various road works such as Premix Carpeting, Surface Dressing, Seal Coats and Pot Hole Repairs etc. Available ready stock in three types : Rapid Setting, …

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Bitumen Emulsion RS-2K / CRS-1 containing minimum 60% Bitumen, is commonly used for Tack-Coating. It is a medium viscosity emulsion used mainly for tack coating in normal overlay and patching work. Tack Coat K1- 60 bitumen emulsion can also be used in grouting.

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Higgins Bitumen manufactures and supplies an extensive range of cationic bitumen emulsions for use in road construction. Bitumen emulsions are used as an energy efficient, safer alternative to cutback bitumen and find application where the use of hot applied binders may not be the most suitable.

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Bitumen Emulsion is made up of three basic ingredients which include Bitumen, an emulsifying agent and water. It is a well known fact that asphalt and water will not mix, except under carefully controlled conditions using highly specialized equipment and chemical additives.

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This Specification sets out the requirements for the supply and delivery of anionic and cationic bitumen emulsions with or without polymers. 2 S TRUCTURE OF THE S ... Certificate of compliance verifying that the bitumen emulsion complies with the ... RMS Q Quality Management System . RMS Test Methods .

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emulsions and occasionally also cationic emulsions may not have sufficient adhesion to aggregates, in which case adhesion promoters can be added to the bitumen or to the finished emulsion. Asphalt peptizers The emusifiability of bitumens varies. Emulsion quality can sometimes be improved by treating the bitumen with an asphalt peptizer.


MSDS: Cationic Asphalt Emulsion Revision 2112014 SECTION 6 - ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES General Eliminate all sources of ignition. Restrict access and isolate the area of the spill. For small spills, soak up released asphalt emulsion with inert absorbent material, remove with shovels and place spilled material into a container.

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Cationic Stablemix Bitumen Emulsion Product Data Sheet 2014/04 ! ! DESCRIPTION CSS 60 is a low viscosity cationic slow-set bitumen emulsion. USES CSS 60 is used mainly as a cold applied binder for the manufacture of slow-set slurry mixtures which can be batch mixed, and applied by hand or with a continuous mix and lay machine.

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Bitumen emulsion plant is designed for production of anionic and cationic bitumen emulsions. Bitumen laboratory plants The system uses continuous bitumen mixing process with further dispersion of bitumen and polymer in the mill.


BITUMEN PRODUCTS AND CATIONIC EMULSIONS 24 CATIONIC GRADE EMULSIONS 95/25 Bitumen 23kg Bag K1-40 is a Conventional Grade cationic bitumen emulsion which complies with grade K1-40 of BS 434-1 and grade C40B4 of BS EN 13808. It has been designed as a tack coat for bitumen …

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Premium 80 is a premium grade polymer modified cationic bitumen emulsion. By using selected emulsifying agents with a suitable emulsion grade penetration bitumen it has been specifically designed for use as a hot applied surface dressing binder.

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GlobeCore manufactures highly efficient cationic bitumen emulsion production systems. The process of emulsion preparation is essentially the grinding of bitumen with water and emulsifier. Therefore, the emulsifier is one of the most important components of bitumen emulsions, which directly influences the quality and characteristics of the product.

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The breaking value ia a dimensionless number corresponding to the amount of reference filler, in grams, needed to coagulate 100 g of bitumen emulsions.


Higgins Primer Emulsion is a cationic bitumen emulsion for priming bound and unbound granular pavements prior to surfacing with asphalt or chip seal. The emulsion prime is stable to dilution, has a low viscosity to allow penetration into surface voids and is designed to provide rapid curing and excellent adhesion to pavement surfaces.

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Cationic Spray Grade Bitumen Emulsion Product Data Sheet 2014/04 ! ! DESCRIPTION CRS 65 is a medium viscosity, cationic rapid-set bitumen emulsion. USES CRS 65 is used mainly as a tack coat or penetration spray in the construction of single, double or Cape seals. It is favoured